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Premium 60x90

Size: 60 feet x 90 feet

Durable: • Designed exclusively for the turf industry • Protects turf from frost damage • Ten year warranty

Performance: • Unique weave and lace coating technology increases soil temperate
by as much as 10-12 degrees F, 5 degrees C; Evergreens”Greenhouse effect on grass” • The silver coating radiates an additional 25% heat back into the soil • Silver coating specially designed to allow air, water and sunlight to penetrate • Promotes earlier and more rapid germination

Practical: • Easy installation and removal in minutes • Lightweight one piece construction • Patented technology

$ 976.05

Premium 60x90


No other cover performs like Evergreen or looks like Evergreen. Since 1985, Evergreen has been protecting established greens and accelerating
turf growth for new course construction. With an expected life of 10 years, the original Evergreen comes with a 10 year warranty. Each cover includes pink sod staples and a storage bag.

Each cover comes with the Evergreen SMART EDGE™ technology. Green engineered coating increases the ground temperature in excess of 10 degrees while blending in with the natural turf surrounding. Exclusive material used only in the turf industry. Ideal daily use for frost protection. Installs and removes in 10 – 15 minutes using only 2 – 3 people.
Stronger and earlier root development. Vented to allow perfect air, water and light penetration. Reduces the usage of water or chemicals. Eliminates spring clean up costs. Non-absorbing or clogging, keeps the same high performance year after year.
Own a turf cover from Evergreen, the best name in turf covers on the market. A turf cover can help to streamline the course opening process and allow a course to open earlier in the spring by increasing ground temperature to keep turf green longer and in lower temperatures and even frost conditions. The specially engineered white cover coating keeps turf warmer while reducing glare. The covers are ventilated as well to allow for perfect air, water, and light penetration. Having a cover on a course when not in use can also help to eliminate any unwanted and damaging foot and animal traffic. Covers can be installed and removed in 10 – 15 minutes using only 2 – 3 people. Proven since 1985, Evergreen gives an estimated 10 years performance for each premium turf cover.

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