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Gulp UltraMax Plus - 36" Discharge Tubing

Big Gulp, Water Removal suction Pump 14″ Pump. 36″ inch Discharge tubing. Heavy Duty

$ 39.60

Gulp UltraMax Plus - 36" Discharge Tubing

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Whether you need to remove water from sprinklers and valve boxes or other areas or devices, Underhill’s biggulp ultramax super-high capacity ware removal suction pump is perfect for the job. The pump can be completely dissembled for easy cleaning, making it the ideal pump for even the dirtiest water. The super smooth and durable pumping action makes this pump the smoothest pump you will ever use. The 14-Inch clear pump chamber has a capacity of 18-ounces per stroke. The pump has an aircraft aluminum grade pump shaft with super-grip ergonomic pump handle. Perfect solution for removing water from sprinklers, valve boxes, fountains, pipe repair, boats, toilets, spas and more!


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