17 Gallon High Pressure system

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17 Gallon Hi-Flo High pressure system with single meter. HF head (66 liter) Horizontal tank Item Number: IHF-017 UPC: 732185003209
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The Flo-Pro Proportional Injection System is an affordable solution for applying liquid or water soluble wetting agent, fertilizers, acids and soil amendments using your existing irrigation system with no pipe cutting required. Designed for golf, sports fields and large landscape commercial applications. The patented, fluid-flow technology offers precise delivery with no mixing, no injection limit, no electricity required and no moving parts. To operate, simply turn the dial to the desired injection rate (1-20 gallons per hour adjustment feed rates for various mixing ratios) then add the wetting agent directly into tank. Now, let your irrigation system do the work. Easy filling with no pre-mixing or pre-blending. No moving parts for down time or maintenance. mixing or pre-blending. No moving parts for down time or maintenance. For sites with multiple pump stations, a series of Hi-Flo units can speed up turf product application and maintenance. Horizontal tank system with single meter Flo-Pro head.
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