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Knowledge is power. And high performing turf is awesome

POGO is a professional, all-in-one system for obtaining superior insight into course conditions, allowing better decisions to be made efficiently and cost effectively for presenting the finest conditions possible. Apply irrigation, fertilization and cultural practices precisely where and when needed. Not when it’s scheduled, not

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Step #1:   Take your ball mark repair tool and insert the prongs into the turf at the edge of the depression. Note: Do NOT insert the prongs into the depression itself, but at the rim of the depression. Step #2:   The next step is to push

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An Affordable Solution for Applying Wetting Agents

The Flo Pro Injector Systems by Underhill is a great and affordable solution for applying liquid or water soluble wetting agent, fertilizers, acids and soil amendments using your irrigation system. Designed for golf, sports fields, and large landscape commercial applications. Features: No Mixing No Injection

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