The Goosinator

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Remote Control Goosinator 

Dimensions: 17″H x 24″W x 40″L
Target Pests: Geese
2.90 lbs. (1.338 kg)
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The Goosinator is a goose control method that actually works.
Finally, a proven method that effectively gets geese off of your property quickly and efficiently. Get rid of geese and keep your grass looking great with The Goosinator!
Hazing, or persistent harassment is often recommended as a non-lethal management strategy for controlling nuisance geese problems. The Goosinator is a combination Border Collie and remote controlled boat, so you can eliminate over 90% of the geese on your property. The Goosinator can also go on ice and snow unlike a remote control boat or a dog. It has the colors of a natural predator for geese, so they get scared very quickly and fly off. So simple to operate, you can learn to operate it in minutes and, unlike a dog, you never have to feed it.
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